C17 Research Network

The C17 Research Network operates under the auspices of the C17 Council, a non-profit organization that represents the 16 academic pediatric oncology/hematology programs in the 17 centres across Canada. The network is set up to encourage and develop collaborative, multi-disciplinary, multi-site, Canadian research in pediatric hematology, oncology and hematological stem cell transplantation in furthering C17’s mission to improve health outcomes and quality of life for children and adolescents in Canada with cancer and blood disorders.  

C17 Research Network Operating Grant Competition 

The C17 Research Network holds an annual peer-reviewed grant competition to fund projects in pediatric hematology, oncology and hematological stem cell transplantation. The grant review process ranks applications based on criteria including clear statement of research, methodology, innovativeness and originality, evidence of collaboration and multidisciplinary approach and impact or application into clinical practice. The scope of projects considered include but are not limited to: phase I, II, III and pilot clinical trials; registries and population based studies; biological sample banks; quality of life and psychosocial research; health outcomes and health service research; and basic laboratory and translational research. Note that applications are welcome for projects with a justification to function as a single centre, although collaboration is strongly encouraged. New collaborations, mentorship and applications from Young Investigators also are encouraged. 

By encouraging and funding multi-centre, multi-disciplinary research Canada wide, C17 is reducing barriers to access to research studies and thereby increasing treatment and research opportunities for all children to participate in the improving of health outcomes and the quality of life. Funding for the competition is partnered with Childhood Cancer Canada and The Kids With Cancer Society (Edmonton).  

The 100% Fund 

Nearly one in five children diagnosed with cancer will not survive. For children with rare and hard to treat cancers, the odds can be far worse. The 100% Fund has been created to challenge these odds. In recognition of its 30th anniversary, Childhood Cancer Canada (CCC) is proud to partner with Phoebe Rose Rocks Foundation, Fight Like Mason Foundation, Team Naomi, Team Finn, and The Ewings Cancer Foundation of Canada to help fund research for children and teens who do not, yet, have their cure.

The purpose of The 100% Fund is to target directly pediatric cancers that are rare and hard to treat—cancers that have not responded to available therapies. Projects can range from discovery to clinical trials, but must be targeted at delivering a treatment intervention. The goal is to fund research with the potential to deliver improved treatment and increased survival rates.

Funding Partners for The 100% Fund


Grants provide from $45,000 to $100,000 per year.  See the annual call for LOIs for current information. 

Annual Competition Information

C17 Research Grant Competition Round 21 (2017/18) and The 100% Fund Competition (Round 1)

C17 Research Network priorities are to fund collaborative research that preferentially is performed in collaboration of multiple pediatric oncology/hematology centres, is multi-disciplinary in nature, and is supportive of new research collaborations and researchers.  See the call for LOIs for competition details and the areas of research considered for funding in the current competition.

Guidance Documents and Application Forms 



Additional Competitions


C17 /Cancer Research Partnership 

C17 has joined with the Cancer Research Society (CRS) to fund basic or translational research projects in pediatric oncology at a maximum value of $60,000/year for 2 years.  Applications in the areas of pediatric oncology basic/translational research or pre-clinical developmental therapeutics (DVL) can be directed towards this competition.

For competition details, due dates and forms go to: www.crs-src.ca/for-researchers-operating-grant

C17 DVL Grant Competition 

The mandate of the C17 Developmental Therapeutics (DVL) Committee is to support nationwide collaborative pre-clinical and early phase research in hematologic and oncologic diseases and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in children. The research areas considered for this competition will be for preclinical translational grants with the potential to lead to a Phase I trial in pediatrics.  

DVL grants provide up to $100,000 for one year; there no minimum value.  See the annual call for LOIs for current information. 




 For further information on the C17 Research Network contact:

Nada Jabado

Chair, C17 Research Network

Leah Young

C17 Research Coordinator


Leah Young
C17 Research Coordinator