Adolescents & Young Adults with Cancer 

Addressing the needs of a “lost tribe” – A joint C17 Council and CPAC Program

The objectives of this 4 year project are to:

  • establish a four year project evaluating the cancer care for adolescents and young adults (AYA) with respect to their referral, diagnosis, treatment and psycho-social support.
  • ascertain patterns and transition models of long term follow-up of survivors of pediatric malignancies when they attain adulthood.
  • establish recommendations and guidelines for the care of the above patients in order to improve their overall outcomes and quality of life.

This task force, under the jurisdiction of C17 and CPAC, will have the mandate to produce and advocate the implementation of specific guidelines and recommendations that can be practically implemented across Canada. The objective is to improve the outcomes of AYA patients diagnosed with cancer and to improve the quality of life and diminish morbidity in adult survivors of pediatric malignancies.


C17 CPAC AYA Co-Chairs:

Dr. Paul Grundy
Department of Pediatrics
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta

Dr. Brent Schacter
CancerCare Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sonja De Pauw
Senior Research Coordinator
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario

AYA Workshop

3CTN in collaboration with C17 and NCIC-CTG is releasing this Request for Submissions of Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) clinical research concepts to be discussed and further developed at a 3CTN funded AYA workshop in the fall of 2015 (location to be determined). The goal will be to develop a clinical trial(s) or clinical research study(ies) that address(es) key gaps or priority areas of AYA-focused cancer treatments. 3CTN will provide funding for the workshop including travel expenses. Clinical trials should be eligible for the 3CTN portfolio; however, projects will be require funding from other sources. Please see the guidelines for submission and an application form below. Deadline for submission to is April 24th, 5pm EST.



The information will also posted on the 3ctn website: