Our mission in action

Guideline released by the Standards & Guidelines Committee
See the Guidelines page for guidelines released, endorsed and currently being developed by the C17 Standards & Guidelines Committee.

C17 Education Videoconferences
Recipients of the Norma Auger Scholarship present their poster presentations and information from the educational events that they attended.  Please contact the C17 office for upcoming presentation information.

C17 Research Network grant competition
Research in pediatric hematology and oncology is a cornerstone of the C17. Our two-stage Grant competition is held annually, with a new call for Letters Of Intent (LOIs) being announced each September (due at the beginning of November).  LOIs are reviewed, and those selected to go forward as full grants will proceed to the second stage of the competition.

Each year, we have a call for the general competition, along with a call for a separate DVL competition.  Occasionally there will be an additional call for directed research, which is dependant on funding.  For more current competition details, please see the Research Network page.